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The "Crafty Jigger"

Justin King

This pattern came from four dudes and a dog crammed into the smallest "cabin" we could find on the Big Horn River this winter. Naturally we were sitting around the table with some tasty cold beverages tying flies and telling stories. The fish that weekend were holding in the secondary water off the bank towards the tail outs, and were eating streamers. So I tied up this streamer thinking it would be a good one for fishing deep and slow, and not worrying about snagging the bottom. It got the job done, and has been working on several other waters the last few months.

Fly Pattern Suggestions


Gamakatsu, Octopus #4
Gamakatsu, Jig 90 #2/0
Maxima Chameleon 20 lb
Fish Skull 35mm Articulated Shank
Troutfitters Alure Beads, Red Devil Roe
Troutfitters Streamer Wire 20 lb
Hareline, Pseudo Eyes Large Red
Fly Enhancer Legs, Brown/Pumkin
Brown Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips, Yellow
UV Polar Chenille, Gold UV
Extra Select Craft Fur, White
Strung Marabou, White
Senyo's laser Dub, Yellow & White

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