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Aug 28, 2023

The Missouri river has been fishing great most days! Flows have dropped to mid 4K below Holter, and the fish have started to spread out again. the moss is getting a lot better! The dry fly bite has been picking up and we have been seeing some good PMD action. There have also been really strong trico hatches with daily spinner falls around 8:45. Trout are starting to look for hoppers as well further down river. If you are going dry or die, Caddis flies, PMDs, and midges are your best options. Nymphers are doing best out there with worms, perdigons, sowbugs, split case pmd's, midges and caddis pupa's. It would also be worth bringing a streamer rod with you as well, as the bite has been great recently especially in the high water. We've been doing well on darker color streamers in the clouds and bright stuff on bright days. The black or olive sex dungeon, sparkle minnow, kreelex, meat whistle, and the sculpzilla are all of favorites in recent times.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions


Sz 18 griffiths gnat, C-UM Spinner Trico, sz 18 BWO comparadun, BWO Missing link. PMD comparadun, CDC Dun PMD, X caddis, Corn fed caddis, thunder thighs, morrish hoppers


Sz 14-18 Two Bit Hooker, Sz 16 Purple Deaths, Sz 18 Midges, Sz 14-18 Various Perdigons, Sz 14-18 Unweighted Tailwater sowbug, Sz 16 Ray Charles, Sz 16-18 green machine, sz 16 split case pmd's, sz 14-16 naughty bunny's.


Kreelex's, flash N grabs, sparkle minnows, skiddish smolts, balanced leeches, rusty trombones, thin mint's, Goldies, Natural Dungeon, Jig zonkers.

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